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My Story

Winsford House Produce is based in West Wickham, Kent and is my first solo business venture.  I have had a passion for cooking ever since my childhood learning to bake in my mothers kitchen.

I have a passion for flavours and creating with the very best fresh ingredients and enjoy making jams, marmalade and preserves both savoury and sweet. 


I combine fruits and vegetables with a wide range of herbs & spices, and lovingly cook them to produce jars of flavour and colour to sell at various markets, local retail establishments and to friends and family.  All my preserves are handmade and cooked in small batches to ensure maximum flavour and vibrant colours.

My raw fruit and vegetable ingredients are sourced from friends gardens,  New Covent Garden Market and produce I have grown in my own garden.  

I started the business to share my passion with friends, family and you so please come and visit me at one of my markets and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

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